About us

WHO WE ARE – the foundation

La Fondation Bundi is a non-profit initiative of the Afrotech project at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) and the Swiss National Centre of Competence for Research in Robotics (NCCR).

The foundation seeks to pioneer a new transportation system for the world by developing robots with rugged air frames capable of safe and cheap unmanned flight of heavy cargo over long distances. We call these robots flying donkeys.

The first commercial flying donkeys, due in Africa around 2020, will carry 20 kilos of cargo over 50 kilometres in less than one hour along an established network. The foundation is committed to majority African designed and assembled flying donkeys. Our expectation is for tens of thousands of donkeys to be operating globally within a generation.

The foundation has identified technical, legal, logistics and architectural and design challenges. The foundation will work to ensure flying donkeys are a friendly service, dependably exploiting the space above our heads to create jobs and enable e-commerce.


WHO WE ARE – supporters

EPFL, located in the Lake Geneva region, is a world-leading tech university with a young and audacious spirit. EPFL has experience in high-profile engineering challenges including Blue Brain, Solar Impulse, and America’s Cup winner Alinghi.

NCCR, based at EPFL, is a leader in developing new, human-orientated robotic technology. It has expertise in bio-inspired flying robotics.