Simon Johnson is board member of the NCCR. A former executive with Hewlett-Packard with responsibility for Africa, he is a successful serial entrepreneur and an advisor to Swiss technology startups. He presents tomorrow’s world technologies on prime-time Swiss television.

Simon Johnson

Jonathan Ledgard heads the Afrotech project at EPFL. Afrotech's seeks to help pioneer advanced technologies in Africa at massive scale. He is a thinker on near future risk, nature and technology in Africa and a longtime Africa correspondent of The Economist.

Jonathan Ledgard

Pascal Briod is a co-founder of TawiPay, a comparison website for money transfer services targeted at migrants populations. He works for several NGOs and foundations active in Africa and holds a Master’s degree in Development Studies from The Graduate Institute in Geneva.

Pascal Briod

Advisory Board Members

Yves Rossy knew he was destined to become a pilot the day he found himself stuck on the branch of a tree unable to get down.Today, he is known as Jetman, the first person in the world to attach jet engines to a single wing and fly like Icarus.

Yves Rossy

Antoine Fatio is a serial entrepreneur in high-tech innovative companies. He has also served as a principal officer for the International Standard Organization (ISO) for 6 years and structured large-scale corporate projects as a manager with KPMG Corporate Finance.  Fascinated by aviation in all it’s forms, as the president of the Geneva Flying Club, he is a keen airplane pilot and has been flying model airplanes and helicopters for over 35 years.

Antoine Fatio