BOOTMGR is Missing Error

How to Fix BOOTMGR is Missing on Windows 10 Error

There is a various factor for the cause of BOOTMGR errors and the most common one is BOOTMGR is Missing error. What if when you turn on your system and you don’t see the Windows logo; instead a black screen appears and showing that BOOTMGR is Missing.

The reason for its occurrence includes corrupt and misconfigured files, operating system upgrade issues, hard drive, corrupt hard drive sectors, an outdated BIOS or may even due to damaged hard drive interface cables. Another reason is if your PC is trying to boot from a hard drive or flash drive that is not configured properly. To be more clear, it is like your computer is trying to boot from a non-bootable source.

BOOTMGR: What is it?

BOOTMGR refers to the Windows Boot Manager, it’s just a small software in you booting system, which can read your booting configuration data and displays the menu of Windows system selection. BOOTMGR  is the program behind which launches your computer’s operating system.

How to Fix BOOTMGR is Missing on Windows 10 Error

As we mentioned above, this error may occur due to various reasons. we show you the possible ways to resolve this. It is not necessary to try them all. But it just like alternatives, if one method doesn’t work for you can try the other.

Method 1: Remove the connected media

When any non-bootable external media is connected to your system, it might probably boot from these non-bootable devices. This will result in BOOTMGR is Missing Error. The media can be a USB flash drive or any other external storage hard drive. Remove the media source and restart the system to see if is working or not.

Method 2:  Set hard disk as First Boot Device

  1. Press ctrl+Alt+del, this will restart your computer.
  2. When the logo appears, press F12 continuously to get into the boot menu.
  3. Boot tab will open. Under that,  use arrow keys to select your boot volume. Use the + and – key s to move your boot drive to be the first boot device.
  4. Now Press F10 to save your settings.
  5. Use the Esc button to exit the boot menu.

Method 3: Run Startup Repair

  1. Insert your USB with the Windows 10 ISO into your system.
  2. Press ctrl+Alt+del, this will restart your computer.
  3. When the logo appears, press F12 continuously to get into the boot menu.
  4. Use the arrow up and down keys to choose the USB drive from the boot menu and press enter.
  5. A black screen will appear asking to press any key to boot from CD or DVD, then press enter.
  6. Then Windows Setup tab will open. Set the language, time and keyboard, and then click Next.
  7. Then at the left bottom of the tab, there will be a Repair your computer option. select it.
  8. Then click Toubleshoot>> Advanced options >> Startup Repair.
  9. Once the process is over, restart your system and see how it works.

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There are the possible methods that might help you to fix the BOOTMGR is Missing Error. There are also other methods which will be complicated. we provided you with easy and working methods. Try it out and don’t forget to share your experience.

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