How to Fix Olpair and Other Pair Errors on Kodi

Openload is an excellent server and will give you better results when you use its services for your Kodi.  This site will prevent all the Kodi interrupting issues such as pairing issues and in this article, we will see how to fix olpair errors on Kodi. Most of the of the Kodi users would have experienced different kinds of servers while they watch a movie or any other favorite show. Some of them will ask for authorization.

In order to avoid these problems, the software developers have announced an interesting open-load coupling server that will generate free video streaming of Kodi videos. You must connect your device to this server. Let’s us see this in detail.

How to Fix Olpair and Other Pair Errors on Kodi

In this article, we will provide you with two possible and working method to get rid of Olpair Kodi error and also how to fix this error in Firesticks too.

  • Stream authentication method
  • Disabling Hosters with Captcha

Method 1: Stream authentication method

The Stream authentication method will be explained in steps and this will give you the right solution to solve issue. Follow them and get rid of and

1). Launch your “Kodi software“.

2). From the Home screen, you must select any “Addon“.

3). You must select a “Movies or Video“.

4). But this video will not work and it will deliver, “different server“.

5). You must select the “Openload” server from these servers.

6). Try to Watch a movie via this server

7). Again, your Kodi Addon will give you a pop-up, saying that “stream autorization is required to run this video”

8). Now you have to “open a new browser“.

9). Type this URL: “

10). The “IP address” of your device can be found here.

1 1). Then you have to solve the “I’m not robot” captcha

12). Finally, click on “pair” and you will find a message below: After a few seconds, you get a pop-up window “Your device is a successfully paired”. This connection is fixed for four hours. You can enjoy all your videos every four hours.

But after four hours, you need to reconfigure your device. So this process should continue every four hours.

If the above method does not work or does not allow to buy a VPN, the below-given method is an alternative way to repair this pairing issue.

Method 2: Disabling Hosters with Captcha

1. Select the “Exodus add-on” option.

You can choose one of your add-ons, here I use one of my favorite Adams Exodus. I will show you how to solve this flow authentication problem in Kodi using this addon. If you do not know how to open it just launch your “Kodi” >>” add-on “>> “video addon”>>”Finally” >>”Exodus “.

2. Now “Tools

Here, I use “Exodus” so that I can get this option immediately after opening it, but if you use another application, you will be “Settings”, then “Tools”.

3. Now “Settings: Providers

You must open this option, then you can proceed to the next step.

4. From the Left side of the screen select Playback option.

Here you can find the option “Hosters with Captcha

5. Now “disable” it.

Disable this option,  and then click “OK“.

How to fix olpair errors on Kodi in Firestick 17 & 18 codes

As we know, we can open any browser on Amazon Firestick or any TV Box. Thus, the users who face this site, appear in the queue and connect the same WiFi network to your mobile phone. Follow the 3 steps.

  1. Open the browser
  2. Type HTTP:// in the URL.
  3. Check captcha by clicking “I’m not a robot”
  4. “Pair”.

Once you have compiled these 4 steps, you will once receive a message saying  “Your pairing has been completed successfully”. This is the only working method to resolve this error on Firesticks.

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