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How To Stream Geo-Restricted Content For Free?

Have you ever thought why it shows “the service/content isn’t available in your area?” while watching videos on YouTube, Netflix. That right there is geo-blocking in action, and that’s the issue all around the globe.

If you are newly hearing about geo-restriction, you can learn it completely in this article.


Geo-restriction or geo-blocking is the process that limits your access in online streaming content for few users based on their geographical location.

Example- If you are living in Paris, and trying to access US based contents. Then you’ll get the message that the service isn’t available in your country, or get redirected to your country’s version.

How Do Geo-Restriction works?

The websites and streaming platforms restrict access to the content and services based on your IP address. We already know that every device connected to the internet has a unique IP address.

Among many things, the IP address is used to determine the geo-location of the device. When you access internet, your computer tries to access a servers, where its IP address is sent in a connection request.

That’s how the server knows from where the requested content needs to be sent.

How To Bypass Geo-Blocking

Since geo-restrictions are based on your IP address the best way to bypass is to change your IP address by using a VPN or proxy.

1. Using a VPN

VPNs are the best way to bypass geo-blocking. A VPN replaces your IP address by hiding your real one to connect you with the server. So, when you connect to a website using a VPN, the server only sees the VPN server’s IP address.

We suggest you use a premium VPN, if so that you can easily bypass any kind of website or platform. You can get the premium VPN in a very low price, only on Black Friday, so don’t miss these VPN black friday 2020 deals.

2. Use a Proxy

Proxy acts as an intermediary between a small network and the web. A proxy can easily mask the user’s IP address, also lets you access cached websites fasters.

But proxy has no security most of the time because the proxy servers often have bandwidth limitations. You should be aware when you use a proxy with HTTP connections, that the owner of that proxy can able to see your real IP address.

Final Words

Since geo-blocking occurs because of your IP address is visible on the internet. The only viable geo-restriction bypass method is by hiding your IP address when you are on the web. And that’s how you can bypass and watch geo-restricted contents easily.

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