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    How To Stream Geo-Restricted Content For Free?

    Have you ever thought why it shows “the service/content isn’t available in your area?” while watching videos on YouTube, Netflix. That right there is geo-blocking in action, and that’s the issue all around the globe. If you are newly hearing about geo-restriction, you can learn it completely in this article. Geo-Blocking Geo-restriction or geo-blocking is the process that limits your access in online streaming content for few users based on their geographical location. Example- If you are living in Paris, and trying to access US based contents. Then you’ll get the message that the service isn’t available in your country, or get redirected to your country’s version. How Do Geo-Restriction…

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    What Is a VPN and Why Would I Need One

    Have you ever thought about how much of your personal life has been transmitted over the Internet? Even if you think that you are not being tracked online, you would probably feel a creeping sensation of dread by now!… If so, then you should also remember that your ISP( Internet Service Provider) can see everything you do on the Internet. Many ISPs do compile their user’s browsing logs (even anonymous logs) and sell those data to the advertising companies. This is the reason you see advertisements or other content directly without any subscription. This is the primary reason why many people use a VPN. As per the Global Web Index…

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    How to solve all the level of word cookies

    Word Cookies is a free android game app which offers you a challenging word cross puzzle. It is a word puzzle game where the player not only find out the words that are hidden from many mixed letters and also discover words that can be derived from other main words. This game works perfectly on iOS and Android platform. About: WordCookies is a single-player game which comes with a user-friendly interface and controls. You have to just swipe your finger around the letters to form words. You will be rewarded with bonus coins that can buy hints if you got stuck on any levels. There are certain words that have…

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    How to play Pokemon Go from beginner to advanced

    Pokemon Go is getting up more complex day by day, but here we are with some tips to help you to catch the pokemon and complete the Pokedex. Pokemon Go is fairly simple to start playing, the basic structure of the game is very easy to understand. All you have to do is create an avatar and then begin searching for Pokemon in the real world. You can use the map to track down the Pokemon and catch them using pokeballs and you can begin using them for battles. With that said, we have got some basic tips for you to become a master in Pokemon Go. Be prepared to…

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    What is PureVPN and its benefits

    VPN or Virtual Private Network technology is based on the idea of tunneling that involves establishing and maintaining a logical network connection. With this connection, packets constructed in a specific VPN protocol format are encrypted and encapsulated within some other base or carrier protocol, then transmitted between a VPN client and server, and finally de-encapsulated on the user end, this is how a VPN works. PureVPN PureVPN is one of the leading secure personal and corporate VPN service offered by a Hong Kong-based GZ Systems Ltd, which offers dedicated IP, shared IP with fast, reliable, secure and cheap personal as well as corporate VPN service.   PureVPN is not just another VPN service provider on the internet. They offer a lot…

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    Top five Kodi addons for Krypton 17

    Kodi, open-source software designed specifically with home entertainment in mind – and it’s perfect if you’re a fan of movies, sports, films, and TV shows. Previously known as XBMC which was created for Microsoft Xbox, Kodi has continued to evolve and grow. Kodi can be installed on most of your devices including Windows, iOS, Android, MacOS, Smart TV, Linux, and even the Raspberry PI. Basically, Kodi turns your device into a digital set-top box or streamer, giving users the ability to stream files from the internet, a home network and local storage. Kodi is not held back by any licensing, so you can download a range of community-made apps or add-ons,…

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    How to Install Kodi on Firestick Without Using PC or Laptop

    For those who have lived in out-dated lifestyle in recent years, Amazon Firestick gives you an extra piece of stuff to watch on your TV. Amazon Firestick is very similar to the Amazon TV box. It is not as powerful as a TV box and it can be plugged into the HDMI port of your TV. To know more about installing Kodi on Firestick refer this blog. Amazon TV Stick enables streaming of Full HD content from services such as Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer and Netflix. You can stream music from Spotify and play a mobile game hosted on the Amazon App Store. One of the best things about Amazon…

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    How to Fix Olpair and Other Pair Errors on Kodi

    Openload is an excellent server and will give you better results when you use its services for your Kodi.  This site will prevent all the Kodi interrupting issues such as pairing issues and in this article, we will see how to fix olpair errors on Kodi. Most of the of the Kodi users would have experienced different kinds of servers while they watch a movie or any other favorite show. Some of them will ask for authorization. In order to avoid these problems, the software developers have announced an interesting open-load coupling server that will generate free video streaming of Kodi videos. You must connect your device to this server.…

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    How to Fix VLC Does Not Support UNDF Issue

    There is a lot of media players available. Among all of them, VLC is one of the best ever player I have used, as it absolutely Supports almost all the major file formats. This will be in the favorites and one of the most used media players among both Mac and Windows users. The most important and best thing about the VLC media player is that it is an open source application and it is completely free. However, there will some flaws, as per the statement, there are some formats that do not support with VLC. One such format if UNDF format. Many users and you too may also face…

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    WudfRd Driver Failed to Load? Check How to Fix it

    WudfRd driver failed to load, you would have come across this error when you try to upgrade to Windows 10 which is because of the drivers incompatibility. Actually, this is what happens when you update to Windows 10, the drivers are overwritten by the  Microsoft drivers which cause a conflict and this is why the error occurs. Also, there is one more cause that is the Windows Driver Foundation. In this, if the User-mode Driver Framework service is not started or is disabled, it may cause the WudfRd driver failed to load error. But it can be easily fixed in case of Windows Driver Foundation, just simply by starting the service and settings…